DooHickies Camo


  • $ 9.95

DOOHICKIES® is a one size fits all no-tie shoelace replacement designed for kids aged 5 to 12. DOOHICKIES lacing system works by threading seamlessly through the eyelets of any shoe, then snapping securely in place for a hassle-free fit. Our lacing techniques are a perfect way to make sure sneakers fit the way you want them to. Each pack of DOOHICKIES comes with 10 pieces, enough for a standard pair of sneakers.

One size fits all.

  • Style#: DOOHK 965
  • Color: Camo
  • HICKIES elastic lacing system turns sneakers into slip-ons
  • Made of a special blend of elastic copolymers that stretch to accommodate any size shoe
  • Loosen and contract with the movement of your foot for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Return to original size for use with multiple pairs of shoes
  • Customize your shoes with 17 color combinations
  • Measure approximately 4.5" long


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